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> 3x Home accessories for a stylish interior

3x Home accessories for a stylish interior

0 Mei 30, 2017, 13:02 | by Artihove

Whether it is a colorful vase, a modern candlestick or a timeless image; home accessories make every house lively, atmospheric and personal. That last thing is what can make the search for the perfect item difficult sometimes. Fortunately, Artihove offers home accessories that not only fit in a stylish interior, but also a person. Which home accessories fit you?


1. Candlesticks for romantic moments

For many people, candlesticks are perfect for setting the mood. Candle light gives a warm light, has a soft glow and brings up the feeling of romance. With the candlesticks of Artihove you will have a cozy home in no time. When you start relaxing music in the background with the taste of a delicious wine with good company, what else do you need? “Mood is made together”, as one of the candlesticks in the collection describes so nicely.


Discover these and other candlesticks in our web shop.


2. Table & Kitchenware, beautiful and functional

Aside the fact that home accessories decorates the interior, they can also be functional at the same time. The products from the unique ‘Table & Kitchenware’ line of Artihove are good examples of this. They make it cozy at home and are also very handy in use. Take the beautiful crystal carafe of artist Rob Verhoeven for example.  This eyecatcher is perfect for decanting a round of Rioja or spicy Cabernet Sauvignon, and will definitely attract attention when there is something to celebrate. The motivation of this design is: “Respect for everything that has been achieved”.


3. Fresh odors for relaxation

With fragrance sticks at home it smells good and creates a relaxed atmosphere. When you put Artihove’s ceramic scent diffuser in you interior, you also have something nice to look at. This ‘must have’s is available in several beautiful designs, so it fits in every stylish interior. For example, the Luck Elephant with purple flowers fits beautifully in a house with soft colors and the “Say it with roses” variant will definitely steal the show in a sleek and modern design.


Curious about more special home accessories from Artihove?  Check out our webshop or visit our beautiful showroom.



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