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Otto Fuchs KG

Otto Fuchs is a manufacturer of products made of aluminium, titanium, magnesium and copper for the aerospace industry, the automotive industry and the construction industry.

After having produced the foxes for the 25 - and 40-year anniversary of employees, there is now also a third fox developed.

This is for employees with 50 years of service.

Circulation: 50 pieces | Artist: Mark Brouwers





Event: 25- and 45-year anniversary of employee

150 sculptures, 19 cm bronzed / silver plated

Free design of the wheel-rail symbol of IFTEC.

It shows the dynamics of the draft (transport = movement) Material: silver plated / bronze (reddish brown)

Black granite base. Possibility to engrave icons and/or logo in the base.
Artist: Ad Haring





50th Anniversary of the company Rittal

• 1 outdoor sculpture, 3-meter high, made of bronze and stainless steel
• 1 outdoor sculpture, 1,5 meters high, made of bronze and stainless steel
• 250 replica, 30 cm, bronzed and silver plated
This globe in the form of strips soldered together from high quality Stainless Steel symbolizes strength and constant growth, from zero up to the world market.

As a crowning, the logo of Rittal radiates in Stainless Steel, polished finish, with the edges in high-gloss, as a kind of book work, growing to higher limits. This is the future vision of Rittal.

The basis of the property consists of five human figures, which are cast in bronze. They symbolize all the people and business partners who are necessary for the growth of Rittal and thus form a strong basis.

Artist: Corry Ammerlaan Van Niekerk



Replica sculpture