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De Rooi Pannen

Event: Festive revelation for the opening of a new shopping mall in Tilburg, managed by students of De Rooi Pannen.

The opening was done by dhr. Stekelenburg, in the presence of artist Corry Ammerlaan - Van Niekerk.

Additionally, replicas of this motivating sculpture were given to the teachers.

Motivation: Everyone who studies, takes steps. Little steps, big steps. Students in the first form are a bit scared, but make big steps and leave with confidence. And a degree. With many possibilities in the future!

Graduation gift Erasmus University

Motivation artist: this object has a base of granite, a strong material which communicates the solid base of the graduate after receiving the degree. On top op the base, a silhouette of Erasmus is visible: a direct link with the Erasmus University.

The transparant part symbolises freedom in thought and additionally the brain of Erasmus and the graduate.

In a subtle way words of the word of honour are engraved into the sculpture, which link directly to the study and important ingredients for a career and the future.

Artist: Ad Haring


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