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Large Objects

Draft Prototype  Replica sculpture

50th Anniversary of the

company Rittal

• 1 outdoor sculpture, 3-meter high, made of bronze and stainless steel
• 1 outdoor sculpture, 1,5 meters high, made of bronze and stainless steel
• 250 replica, 30 cm, bronzed and silver plated

This globe in the form of strips soldered together from high quality Stainless Steel symbolizes strength and constant growth, from zero up to the world market.As a crowning, the logo of Rittal radiates in Stainless Steel, polished finish, with the edges in high-gloss, as a kind of book work, growing to higher limits. This is the future vision of Rittal.

The basis of the property consists of five human figures, which are cast in bronze. They symbolize all the people and business partners who are necessary for the growth of Rittal and thus form a strong basis.

Artist: Corry Ammerlaan Van Niekerk

The Pim Fortuyn project

The object of Pim Fortuyn

In 2012 it was ten years since the passing away of Dutch politicus Pim Fortuyn. The artist of this statue is Corry Ammerlaan - Van Niekerk. The object was placed at a street named after Pim Fortuyn.

Kunstenaar: Corry Ammerlaan - Van Niekerk

Team of the century

Artihove is able to capture the essence of a moment in art. A great example is this creation of the Dutch football team, which shows eleven players and the coach in bronze.

- The statues were placed before the main office of the Dutch soccer association in Zeist (KNVB).

The artist is Corry Ammerlaan - Van Niekerk.  

Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Occasion: the opening of the new department of the Erasmus MC hospital. This bronze sculpture was revealed by Prof. Dr. van Urk.

The artist is Corry Ammerlaan - Van Niekerk.

- Draft

- Statue


Occasion: opening of the new lab in Utrecht. This object is 18 meters tall and made from stainless steel.


Replicas from this object were given to business relations.

Corry Ammerlaan - Van Niekerk