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> Cruyff For FC Barcelona


The sculpture of Johan Cruijff at Camp Nou in Barcelona has been revealed on Monday, the 26th of August. We from Artihove are proud and grateful that we have been able to complete this prestigious project.

The object is a bronze sculpture of the characteristic pose of Johan Cruijff, leading the way as a captain. This strong symbolism is expressed on the square in front of the stadium; a square where supporters pass on their way to the stadion.

The sculpture, including pedestal, measures 4 meters and shows the details which are characteristic for the period in which Johan played football at F.C. Barcelona. The logo on the shirt, the captain’s ribbon, the socks and the shoes match. The granite pedestal of the sculpture carries the letters “Salid y disfrutad” meaning in English “Go out and enjoy”.

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T H E   D E V E L O P M N T   P R O C E S S

  • 1. After a rough sketch and a design of the geometric relationship by Johan Cruijff, the definitive posture of the sculpture is determined first.

  • 2. Subsequently, a frame is built that is strong enough to support the full model of wax and polystyrene. After the coarse frame is built, it is provided with coarse blocks of polystyrene on which later wax is applied, this is to apply the finer lines and details.

  • 3. On the basis of photographic material, every part and detail is carefully studied by the artist in order to bring out all traits of character. Every person has a characteristic feature, which is why it is very important for the artist to receive continuous feedback through the many photos from different angles.

  • 4. A person's face is the most characteristic. That is why Corry Ammerlaan has spent the most time on this.

  • 5. The sculpture is cast in bronze as large as possible pieces. Detailed parts, including the face, hands and shoes, are made into separate molds to ensure that no details are lost.

  • 6. After the casting and welding process, the sculpture is embossed (updated / finished) to get the details perfect.

  • 7. If all the parts are back together as the artist intended when making the wax model, then patination follows. By patinating you bring "life" into a sculpture. This phase is therefore one of the most important and usually happens under the watchful eye of the artist.

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A B O U T   A R T I S T   O F   C R U I J F F

Corry Ammerlaan - van Niekerk

In the photo you see Corry Ammerlaan with the artwork
in the workplace of Artihove.
Photo: Ardito/Jan-Evert Zondag

J O H A N C R U I J F F   A   P H E N O M E N O N

“ I   W A N T  T O   G I V E   J O H A N  
A   T I M E L E S S   A P P E A R A N C E  ”

A unique creation, realized in a unique organization ARTIHOVE , by Corry Ammerlaan Van Niekerk.
Artihove is an art centre situated in a vast estate ( 30.000 m2) comprising a sculpture garden. It has grown into a substantial organization with important customers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Artihove is the home base for Ammerlaan to develop her designs, commissioned by industrial companies, government organisations and private persons. Examples are the ERASMUS UNIVERSITY, HEWLETT PACKARD (America), RITTAL (Germany) and many others.

Corry’s philosophie
The human aspect plays a main role in all Corry’s creations, and with great success. Using Art, the emotional aspect is avoked and , consequently, timeless, according to Corry. “ In my ideas I always strive after a kind of timelessness. This is achieved by shaping the artistic object in a modern fashion, realized in durable materials with always my philosophy at the background.”.

The human aspect of Johan Cruijff:
The order was to picture Johan in the period he was playing for F.C. Barcelona, in his Club dress with the FCB-logo and his characteristic football-shoes with his signature. His captain’s ribbon on his left arm, not too tight, not too loose. His beautiful hairdo that flowingly marked his face. I liked that very much. Strange as it sounds, it also speeded up his playing qualities and his leadership.

His leadership qualities we recognize in the position of the statue (2.50 meters high in bronze on a granite pedestal of 1.40 meters) where he directs the game to and together with the different teamplayers.

It’s an art in itself to imagine the excellent properties of a willful football player as Cruyff, says Corry. Not only the expression on his face but also his typical characteristic attitude radiate an unbelievable dynamic. Johan was, in contrast to other footballplayers somewhat slimmer but certainly muscled. This is clearly seen on his tighs in the sculpture. I met Johan multiple times; a sympathetic man with a human glance and attention to detail. His human gaze and attention to the youth have lead to the foundation of the Johan Cruijff Foundation where young football players are being trained, also in Barcelona.

The above-mentioned elements have intrigued and inspired me to make this sculpture.

The artwork is at Camp Nou, the stadium of F.C. Barcelona.

Corry Ammerlaan - van Niekerk

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