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Testimonials Artihove

Happy customers.

We are very proud of our relationships with our customers.
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March 4, 2013

NPM Capital N.V.
For years, we experience the collaboration with the people from Artihove as very
pleasant. Due to their personal attention and creativity, they are able to help you
through the process and come to the best result together.

We are proud of our sculptures. We will advise a collaboration with Artihove to everyone.

NPM Capital N.V.

Els van Gijzel 

March 5,  2013

Nederlandse Staatsloterij (Dutch lottery)
It is pleasant to work with Artihove. Especially the help with the creative process and
the result driven mentality create confidence and trust. 

The service level is very high, which is why the end result is outstanding every time! 

Olga Toet
Nederlandse Staatsloterij

March 8, 2013

Police Department Den Haag

We have ordered different products from the assortment of Artihove for many years now. Many
sculptures are given as a farewell gift or to show appreciation. The additional texts
give the present an extra dimension. Personally, I have always had pleasant contact
with Deborah Borsten and Wallie van Yperen. 

We wanted to do something special for the colleagues working in the new
emergency room of the police, fire brigade, ambulance, and the region Haaglanden,
who will be working closely together. 

After great consultation, our ideas were developed by Artihove and finally a
draft version of a sculpture was created. This sculpture met all our wishes.
The small sculpture is also created in a bigger version, which now has a
prominent place in the new emergency room. 

In short, a great example of how you can work together as a "customer"
with the experts of Artihove, and together come to an outstanding, unique
result: and even all in a very relax mood. Will be continued.

Gerard Kuipers,
Politice department Den Haag,